Traditional Artwork Traditional Artwork Inside of an artist's mind Graphite pencils and white gel pen on A3 paper. (this is a really crappy photograph, it looks a lot better in real) This drawing is supposed to be me sitting at my desk, listening to music and thinking of what to draw, wich happens to be a werewolf. The anatomy of the werewolf is really messed up, i know. And the entire drawing got pretty rushed... It could have ended up a lot better. This is a school assignment c: The assignemnt was just like any other assignment (we got to make whatever we wanted tho), except that everyone in the class got a chacne to get their creation displayed at a really popular art gallery in Stockholm called Liljevalchs. My drawing got chosen along with 4 others from my class. So this has been at Liljevalchs for a little over 6 weeks! 178668199