Hannas Art studio

Art By Hanna Hammar

Tiger Oil Painting

This is the oil painting I am working on in school.
It's a very big painting, about 90x70 cm  (it's bigger but I can't remember exactly)
It's the very first time I paint in oil, and the third time I paint.
I've been staying after school several days a week to work on it, hours every time i stay. I think I have worked on this for 20 + hours now.

Digital Wolf Painting

This is the Work In Progress shots of a digital painting. It's a grey wolf in with a forest background.
 The painting is in A3 size and the resolution is 300 dpi.
I am using about 5 diffrent photos as references for this painting.
Started to make detailed fur on this digital painting now! It's going to take a while before it gets done but I think it will turn out good!
I've added more light sources and details to the nose and eye.
This is the rough sketch.